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Naruto 2 Willebrandt included his denial. From there on, it’s up to the police. I thought as a matter of policy Policy? Since when has the advertising department of this paper dictated its policy on news? I didn’t act on my own. No. You haven’t got the guts, so you went to Wharton. Run the story. I talked to Alice Garrison. Mr. Wharton came here. We phoned her. It was on her authority. She hasn’t got the authority, not until I’m out of here. Or have you arranged for that too? No, sir. You’re slipping. Well, you talk to Mr. Wharton. He’s waiting right in here. Mr. Wharton. This is Mr. Hutcheson. How do you do, sir? May I give you my side of it? I’ll take care of this. Please don’t publish that story. Why? Isn’t it true? It can’t do you much good, and it’ll ruin me and hurt my family. I’ve been doing business with your paper for years. You’re a big advertiser, Mr. Wharton. We need your business, but not on those terms. All right. I made a mistake with Sally, but that was years ago, And I’ve paid for it in blackmail every month. I’m sorry, Mr. Wharton. This is a matter for the police. You are interested in facts, aren’t you? One day, Sally phoned. She was quitting her job at the store. She was letting me off the hook. She said there was another man. Another man? There always is. In this case, the man was Tomas Rienzi. Sally said she loved him, would never bother me again. She even sent back some game damaging photographs game of us. She said she was set for life. What did she mean by that? She didn’t say. Surely you don’t think I killed Sally. I haven’t seen her in over two years. Mrs. Wharton knew about Sally. She suggested that I talk to you. Your paper forced me to come here, but now that I’m here, I don’t know game Wharton, you can tell your wife I’m holding the story. Thank you, sir. But if that yarn about Rienzi doesn’t jell It will. It better, for both our sakes. Jim? Uh, later, dear. What have you got on Sally Gardiner? The furry blonde? Uhhuh. She was a broad. Yes, but whose? Since when do you go in for gossip? Since now. Jim,