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Naruto Dressup style Thank you, pal. Adi! Let’s go. I was just saying thank you game Let’s go! Thank you! Please don’t go. My countrymen, I promise you that there will be a cut in the toll tax as soon as possible which will bring a relief to the citizens while driving on the roads. You all will get employed. You haven’t taken a shot, have you? Not yet. Well don’t game I found out where Chautala is! And wherever he is, Devi is going to be there. Now, call me a oaf. You oaf, you’ve totally proved me wrong. We know where Devi is. Let’s go. I will request the government to make way for paved roads. No one shall remain unemployed. It’s my promise to you. How dare you game Get inside! All hail! First time with a westerner game Complimentary, sir. Did you have fun? Keep your compliments to yourself. There are MLAs coming over and they’ll be staying till the elections. If there’s even one complaint game Your wish is my command, sir. I’m going to shove those compliments straight up your rear. Get it? Now get out of here! You’re a funny guy, Mr. Chautala. Cheeni likes you. In fact, Cheeni loves you, Mr. Chautala. Next time, is the number game That mother game Three westerners only for you, Mr. Chautala. Complimentary! Is someone there? Open the door! Come on! What are you looking at? What are you looking at? What are you doing, mister? Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! He took my phone game I’m a cop game Darn it! Due to popular demand, for the very first time, friends game Presenting to you, the extremely entertaining, Lovely from Jind game O’ Lovely! O’ my sweetheart game Come outside. Everyone chant game Lovely, Lovely. Don’t look at me with your eyes wide open. Shake your body a little. You’ll remember this baby from Jind for life. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely game Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely. At night, I will steal your heart and play with it like a ball. I’ll cause a huge wound on your heart and steal all the votes. I’ll move my veil a little to make the government fall. Lovely is like a sharp dagger. Lovely, Lovely game Lovely is like a sharp