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. I could. Yeah. Um, like I feel like if I did it, it would be, um, really games Great. No question. Yeah. Do you think games I think there’s never games Never an excuse not to try this. Yeah? ‘Cause these are amazing. I think you could do it. And if you ever want, you can borrow some of my acrylics. Really? I got everything here. You can come paint with me. I can come here and paint with you? Bring RJ over, let him play upstairs, we could sit out here and paint. You know what, I’m gonna start painting. I think I’m gonna start painting. You are painting. You are painting. I’m gonna games I’m gonna be a painter. You are a painter. You’re great. I feel like I just, like, made a decision. Really? Yeah. That’s so cool. Yeah. Oh, my God, this house is just amazing! I mean, I’m games I’m lost already. You’ll get used to it. This is my bedroom. Okay. Wow! Whoa! Oh, my God! These cookies are so incredible right now. Mmm. Oh, yeah. I love these cookies. You know, you can’t find them in France. No. And there’s so many ways to eat them. Mmm. So many tasty combinations. You know, I never thought that I would be surrounded by boys. Hmm. I know the feeling. Don’t get me wrong. Mmm-hmm. I love it. I think it’s great. I just think that it can be just downright kind of nasty sometimes. Like games I really find myself craving feminine energy. What’s this area? This is just another creative spot in the place. Um, it’s a photography zone. Oh, cool. It’s where I take all the pictures of the models who come in to, uh games The people that pose for the games Yeah, they come in, take the photos, print the photos. I can blow them up to any size I want, ’cause as you can see, it’s extremely detailed. You just paint based off of the photos? Yeah. That makes sense, yeah. Yeah. Or I’ll have them come in and take pictures of me. Oh, right, when you games Yeah, a lot of them are self portraits. You want my advice, Emily? Yeah. You need to create your own space. One that is only yours. Mine, is this bedroom. Mm-hmm. And Kurt’s okay with that? He’s okay