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It’s my borrowed. You can not go home like that. We will return as such, as they say. We will have a house on the lake. A next to each other and all the rest. Trust me. Use it here. Very well. You were born in ? I did not know. You are old. Give it here. Return. If I am old, return. No . Give me back my wallet. Return. I’m old. All right? All right, yes. Do not remember me? Of the line, at City Hall. No, not me. You are confusing me with someone. No, I’m not. Relax. All who were there have false documents. But mine are not false. You’re wrong. What a beautiful coat. You are going to hunt? Where’s the gun? Good morning, ma’am. Good morning, gentlemen. I need employees to a contractor. And a double for window cleaning platform. I have nothing in sewing workshops. One, two, three game Wait, wait. Four, five, six, seven, eight, noveten. It’S Over. Will fill this out there, please. ,, , , , , game Please. I already have what I needed. And the windows? Are you from Mali? Senegalese. Mali and Senegal are better in contractors. Window cleaning is special. Need permission. All right. We have worked together. We worked at the Defense. Is not it? Yes, it’s true. Josiane, listen. Josiane. Please. It will be nice. No problem. He’s my friend. Give me your permanent visa. Thank U. Is this really be “thank you.” Lamouna Saw. Yes, that’s me. Is asleep, or what? I think I have vertigo. Is it? I had not even noticed. Come On. Put Up. No, no. Come On. I can not. Get yes. Do not look down, but in the air. Look up. Quiet. Slowly. Ready. Breathe. That’s right. Now turn around. No . It will turn around. No, no. Come on, trust me. Now enjoy the scenery, friend. All right. Here no one will bother us. Do not look down. Now I relaxed. I’m already better. If you have relaxed, work. We have floors to clean. Why did not you tell? Calm down. Let me know when will move, bastard. Is it dangerous. Look, this is that it is a beautiful walk. Why stop there? See? Hello! Here is paradise. Remember the commercial for ? What? The business of . But game stop it.