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He already photographed over hideouts. Horrible. It makes me a little uncomfortable. Don’t worry about the mess. I’m used to it. If you don’t mind I’d just like to check it out. Well Games I’ll show it to you. I heard myself speak and knew I only had one chance to prevent a catastrophe. Simon I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. We could go right now. Well that’s the spirit. Watch out for the steps. Simon. This way. Here it is. He hid over here. Oh. Right here. Are you sure? It seems rather narrow. Very cramped. When did you two separate? We’re just taking a break. A few months back. It will work itself out. Here was a bed and over here a table. A very small one. If I had to choose a hiding place I would take the north side. Is there a light? No! You’re not allowed to go in there. It’s my dads room. I have a few more ideas for the parish. We can also meet outside of the parish. Amicably You want to protect your dad, right? Excuse me. Yes hello? It’s very important that you listen very carefully. It’s quite likely that you’re in the presence of a very dangerous man. What? I’m talking about psychopathy You have to leave quickly. Okay. My wife is waiting in from of the house. Okay I’m coming. You knew about that room, right? Yes. Did you look at the pictures? My father gave them to me every night. He said it makes it easier to fall asleep. Your father was frequently in the basement, right? Yes. He’s in the basement a lot. Almost every night. Simon, your dad has serious problems. Very serious. No police. He only observes them. Oh does it happen a lot? Simon? Frank, this is Dr Killy. We had to see something in your basement that shocked us. Humans have their proclivities but what you did is perverse and inexcusable. We took your good boy to a friend. He doesn’t want to see you. Your own son! Shalom. First of all: Love isn’t a fair game. And secondly: Secondly? First is enough. What am I supposed to do now? We’re gonna think of something. Don’t get weak on us. I had to find a way to impress Rebecca. Clemens gave me a few pills