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I hate this world! Dixie! I hate all of you! I wish I was dead! Oh! Dixie! What happened? Where am I? How did I get here? Alyssa. This is one of her jokes. Good one! Help! Help! Help! Are you nuts? Where are you going? Wait, don’t leave. Help! Help! Don’t stand there! Run! What are you waiting for? Faster! Faster! Wow! You did it! Come, look at them. It’s like you slammed the door right in their faces. What’s wrong? Why are they leaving? Oh, don’t worry. Dark Angels are incapable of entering the holy graveyards. What do they want? They capture zombies who’ve wandered away from their cemeteries and turn them over to Nebulosa, the Dark Soul. And we never see them again. Zombies? You can’t be serious. That’s impossible. What do you mean? Yes, the living dead. Who are you? My name is Isis. Wow! Ahh! I know. I could use a good bath. It’s such a shame that water destroys zombies. But how would you know that? You’re new. No Game Yes, it kills us just as fast as sunlight or fire. No way. At first it’s hard to believe. But you’ll get used to it. No! This shish Games kebab is to die for. This just can’t be true. This isn’t really happening. Listen, are there other zombies here? There were, but they’ve all been captured by Nebulosa’s dark angels. Mmm! You said they couldn’t get in. When food became scarce, the zombies decided to migrate to other cemeteries. Nebulosa discovered their plan. And trapped them ‘in an ambush. Only Piroska and I managed to escape, but she doesn’t count. She comes and goes as she pleases. She’s reckless. Ever since she started dating some boy from another cemetery, I hardly ever see her. I’m so excited that you came. We can be friends. I’ve never really had one. But I’m sure I’d make the best best friend ever. What do you say? Oh! You spilled it. It’s a good thing it wasn’t milk or you’d have seven days of bad luck. Listen, I don’t know what happened but I’m going home. Games I’m sure my dad will know how to Game Games You can’t go out there.