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Including me. Harry, she’ll be all right as soon as we get her home. We’re not leaving here. But they just said we could. If we had to, in an emergency. What is this? Why can’t we go? There’s a lot of country between here and Wheaton. So what? Come on, Harry, tell me. So what? A lot of the wrong people heard that broadcast, too. The roads will be crawling with them. Do you think we’re safer here? After the Johnsons, Karen, and Marilyn? I have some measure of control here. Out there, none. Now leave me alone, please. I think Rick kind of likes her. He could do worse. She’s pretty good with the rifle. What’s that got to do with it? He can chop firewood, and she can cover for him. That’s what it’s got to do with it. Guess that’s as good a reason as any nowadays. Harry, everybody’s turning in. You coming? What, dear? You coming to bed? No, I’ll sit out here for a while. The gun. Quick. Throw it away. I just had to find you, sweetheart. Life at the old farmhouse just wasn’t the same without you. Who killed my two buddies? I did. I did. That’s not true. I took Mickey’s gun and I shot them. That’s funny, because I took his gun with me when I left the house. Now, who dragged the bodies out to the barn? Lay off! Hey, don’t lose your cool, boy. That’s no way to talk to a man with my kind of firepower. This is a .. Run, Rick! Rick, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ll go get your father. How bad is it? It’s pretty bad. He’s lost a lot of blood. This first aid kit is no use at all. He needs a doctor. Where’s the nearest town? Claxton. There used to be a doctor there. Ann, go back to the cave, get the distributor part. We’ll meet you at the car. Marilyn, you stay with me. Karen, go with your mother and bring the guns and ammunition. You better loosen that tourniquet again. I just did. Ladies and gentlemen, the Secretary of State. The enemy has requested an immediate cessation of hostilities. A meeting is now in progress to discuss the terms and conditions Radios under which peace, not war, may be declared. Year Zero is drawing