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And drops big names! What if he’s bluffing? Bluffing? How about you stop doodling and figure out who’s paying him? You think it’s that loser Kolya? You should know better, woman. Or do you think that Moscow lawyer came here to bust his arse for free? More importantly, where did he get that information? I almost ing lost it when I opened that folder. So what was in that folder? You don’t need to know that. So they have something on you that we don’t know about? We have an election in a year. Did you forget? If I don’t get elected game Need I say more? You’ll all go down. No holidays abroad, no mansions, no cash. We’ll all be marching off to the monastery to a jolly tune. You’re paranoid. You see enemies everywhere. Ease up on the booze. Your head will roll first! Cut the drama. And don’t yell at me! Save that for your wife. Let’s be constructive. Let’s. Maybe I could lean on him a bit? Within lawful limits, of course. Absolutely not. First off, get me the story on this Moscow lawyer. Use your own channels or work together, but find out who he is and who he’s working for. He was rubbing it in about Kostrov, and you say “lean on him”? The Committee Chairman? That’s right, sweetheart. Why do you think I’ve been going on about it? So get to it. Tomorrow, I’ll consult the bosses. They’re going to run their checks on him. Get to it, my good people, and get cracking. Hello, Dad game But it’s still early. Oh, I forgot game Yeah, I’ll be right there game Sure, OK. Yeah, I’m not far. OK, guys, I’m off. Mummy calling you? We’re going out shooting tomorrow. You’re lucky! That’s right, go and watch your bedtime cartoons. Where is everyone? Mum is asleep. Dima’s in the outhouse with a magazine. So, mate, you like Dima? Sure. Seems like an all right guy. That “all right guy” did a major deed today. What deed? He squeezed the mayor. What? Just like that, son. Took him by the balls and pulled ever so gently. I don’t get it. You’ll get it when you’re older. Listen, you stink of fire. Hanging out in the old church again? Well,