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can never become Sia. Because, no matter how perfect the mirror is.. ..yet it can’t change the reality. And, the face verily appears in the mirror.. ..but whatever that is visible; is always the other way round. That means left is always right and right is always left. You’re completely opposite to her. And, the moment I saw this helicopter”. game I understood that you’re not Sia, but Ria. Yes, Raj. I’m Ria. I love you a lot. A lot more than Sia. You love Sia, isn’t it? Then, look. Sia is right in front of you. Sia? And, the one who’s not right before you.. ..think of her as Ria. Love me Raj. I’ll shower so much of love on you.. “which, to date, none might have ever given to anybody. Moreover, I can speak now and hear now. I’m absolutely normal, Raj. Enough, Ria! You would have understood had you been normal.. ..that love never happens forcibly! You cannot force anyone into love! Nevertheless, I love Sia. I love Sia! Calm down, Raj. After all what’s your problem? It’s that you’re not Sia, but Ria. Sia.. Raj” I missed you so much! I love you, Raj! I love you too, Sia! How did all this happen? Who did it? Ria? No, Raj! No one can separate us. None. What do you think of yourself?! Hey, Why are you hitting her?! Hey! You leave! Sia.. Are you okay, Sia? Sia, tell me! Sia, are you okay, Sia? Sia! Sia! Are you okay, Sia? Sia, say something. If you can never become mine, Raj.. “then, you can never become of anyone else. None. How many times did I explain you, Raj?! How many times did I explain you?! I got tired of thqt ‘please, please’ thlng! Yet, you went to her! Why, Raj?! Why don’t you love me, Raj?! Why don’t you love me?! Why don’t you love me, Raj?! Raj! Ria! Ria! Ria! Ria, give your hand! Ral- Raj, pull her up! Raj, do something! Ria, c’mon! Ria, don’t lose hope! Ria, please! Ria, don’t leave the hand! Ria, we love you! Ria, I’ll pull you! C’mon! I love you, Ra]! Give me the other hand, Ria! Forgive me, Raj! Ria! Give me your hand. Ria, c’mon! Ria, c’mon! Raj! I love you, Ra]! Why did the time swing as such?