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..who is ready to leave her husband for you.. are playing this game with such a sister? What do you want after all? You.. Only you. This will not happen, this will not happen ever. I hate you and will continue to do so, always. And I am telling you for the last time. Stop playing with my personal life. Stop it. What will you do? I will kill you. If you don’t tell the truth to Sia, I will kill you. I warn you, I will kill you. And mind it. Raj” Actually, we normal people.. Have a special kind of energy. We use it by speaking and listening. And these deaf and dumb people.. ..have this energy captivated in themselves. And when this energy comes out.. either comes out as a positive or a negative. In Ria’s case, this energy has taken a negative direction. And this is very dangerous. She will get you under any circumstances. From whom? From her own sister? Yes. Because she has stopped seeing Sia as her sister. And Sia is just another woman in her love. And she won’t stop at anything until.. ..she doesn’t remove this other woman. And she won’t stop at anything. Not even her own sister. Oh God! SIOP” Sia.. Sia.. Raj.. Open the car! Sia.. open the car! Raj” Sia.. open the car! Raj.. Open your seat belt. Quickly. Are you all right, Sia? Listen to me, Sia. I know that you are hurt. But try to understand what I say. What seems, isn’t always the truth. A lot has happened. A lot. I need some time to think. Yes, Sia. But listen to me. She is trying to manipulate you. She is behind all this. Please, Raj. I don’t want to repeat the same thing again. Ria is my sister. And she can’t do this. She is not capable of hurting anyone. I knew that you will not believe in what I say. But one clay, this truth will be unveiled. And then.. Oh, . Oh God! I am sorry. Hope you aren’t hurt. No, I am fine. I am fine. Can I drop you somewhere if you wish? No. I will go. I will go. Thanks. I am really very sorry. Oh . Madam, you? Didn’t you recognize me? We haven’t met before. Of course, I am Raman Sinha, detective. Don’t you remember me?