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Messieurs! Madame! Yes. Sorry, Bakari. Please, go ahead. Vandevoorde, we’re listening. Go. Here’s the thing game I sincerely apologize for what occurred. I spoke uncivilly. Pardon me. I was in the heat of the moment. I shouldn’t have provoked you. I wasn’t thinking. My words overshot my intentions. Excuse me. I’m also sorry about what happened. Excuse me. No problem. Good. Incident over. The following concerns those staying on in this sector’s Mobile Customs. Who’ll volunteer for an experimental Mobile Brigade; mixed, Franco-Belgian? With whom? What? With which Belgian agent do we team up? With me. All right, enough. So, which one of you? It’s a joke. Not at all. No one would ever game I would, I volunteer. Ducatel, be serious. I’m serious. I volunteer to team up with Ruben Vandevoorde. Ducatel, aren’t you going to Paris for that IT crap? No, I changed my mind. Fine! Now then, you start game both of you, on Monday. Rendezvous here at for briefing. Why not brief them in Belgium? Ehh, nah game We could alternate. Let’s not complicate things. Keep it here. How about the ‘No-Man’s-Land’, at least it’s neutral. Uh..OK. No-Man’s-Land is fine. This is the main dining room. It seats . What are they doing? A conferring game So, Customs conferences, without any purchases?! You say ‘yes’ to everything! No. Except me. May I show you the apartment? We know that removing fixed customs will increase drug trafficking by road. So we must spread out methodically. You’ll be left alone, in the sticks, to your own devices. And believe me, that’s a whole new ballgame. What’s that? GSM portable phone. First one in the mixed detail. Look how tiny it is! A wireless phone, crazy! Use it only if you must. Calls cost a fortune. The government allowed, for your training, a one-time grant of , BF. , FF. That’s all? Affirmative. For a week’s training, which, unfortunately, won’t take place. Why not? The purchase of your International Intercept Vehicle swallowed the total budget. An International Intercept Vehicle for , F? What kind of car? Nice Rock Paper Scissors Adventure