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I had diarrhea for seven years. But yes, this is terrible. The dean is ready for you tramps. Oh, jeez. Ladies, you have dragged the good name of Barden University into the gutter. And you’ve really upset these people whose names I’ve already forgotten. Your little southern exposure in front of our Commander-in-Chief has irreparably damaged the entire institution of a cappella. Just blew it up. Funding is drying up, sponsors are pulling out. Mmm-hmm. Unfortunately, an example must be made. It is the decision of this governing body that the Bellas are hereby suspended from competing at the collegiate level. What? The terms of your suspension are laid out in this document. I’m sorry, but it’s over. Hi. Okay, can we be reasonable? Fat Amy apologized. This was an accident. Was it? You’re taking us off of our victory tour? Who’s gonna sing the national anthem at the Puppy Bowl? You’re being replaced by the European champions. A German group of total professionals. In other words, they’re gonna keep their pants on. So we can’t defend our title and we can’t tour? And you can’t hold any auditions. We don’t need your ranks to grow like a fungus. Oh, so that’s it, then? So, basically, the Bellas are over? Look, ladies, I’m sorry that this disciplinary action has shocked you. Especially since you’re all seniors. But the truth is, you’re just women. No. And you’ll all be pregnant soon. Mmm. Mom, I’m late. It’s orientation. You gotta let me go. Oh, I can’t. I just can’t do it. Mom, you can do it. My only daughter, leaving the nest. If you leave me now You’ll take away the biggest part of me Mom. You want me to stop? Or I could keep singing! No, I don’t know how I’m gonna get by without your spontaneous singing. Oh, honey, you’re gonna love this place. Just promise you’ll call. Oh, and, honey, don’t be afraid to express yourself. And not with those weird buttons they wear in their earlobes. Unless you’re gonna get a job game Mom, slow down. I’m not gonna do anything crazy. I’m just gonna write my songs and join an a cappella group.