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Nice Snack Time If they want to sign more cards, they have to come renegotiate. When I first started approximately eight years ago, I was really not doing anything except if he wanted to ask me something, he would ask me for my advice. And as time progressed, I started handling the boxing. We got rid of his prior manager and then got more involved in the boxing. Now, I handle all the financing, disbursement of money, receiving of the money. Just make sure I get the money game You will get your money, you have Bob’s backing. That’s right game Handled millions of dollars. Everything is very well documented. I can account for every single penny, if I have to. There really wasn’t any documentation on accounting. Nothing was done. No receipts were kept. Nothing was recorded. Everything was kind of handwritten down. You know, handwritten. “I spent this on this, I spent on this. ” That’s enough box or you need more? But we can’t do it that way. I can stand on mountains game Then this one with a smaller pen, this is because they’re making one special card with your picture on it. So, that’s the signature line, I need you to sign in the box so they can scan it and put it on the card. It makes sense? I’m hoping that’s going to make dollars, not cents, dollars. Michael Koncz is probably the most miserable person on earth. Anything that feels good would kill him. Sex has to be an impossible act for him because that requires enjoyment. When I first came aboard, Manny had a lot of chronic problems. He had shin splints, he had plantar fasciitis, he had shoulder problems. He just did the same thing every day. There was nothing really challenging about it. Concentrate, focus. Time. Alex Ariza has done a lot for Manny, in terms of strength and conditioning. And, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze game Time. I like it, I like it. The moment he came in, Pacquiao put on power, speed and explosiveness. Just a little bit. Squeeze as hard as you can. Hold it. game Last one. I think Alex is the best strength and conditioning coach in the world. He’s learned to be the best in the world and