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game for a juicy mystery. The truth is, Mystery Inc. is broken up. That’s the beauty of something broken. It can be fixed. Therein lies its potential. And I need you to fix Spooky Island. What’s the problem? I believe somebody’s casting a spell on the students. Now listen and look around. Notice any difference between those arriving and those departing? They look like sober, well-behaved college kids. Precisely. They didn’t before they came. They’ve changed. In other words, a magic spell. Carol! Carol, how was the island? Are you tricking on me? It’s me, Brad. We’ve known each other since we were . Back off my grill, son! Carol, what are you doing? I’m terrified. The young people that come off that barge game the people I love the most, they’re in danger. I’m going to solve this one first. Not before I solve it first. You’ll look like total idiots when you’re captured and I save you. Thank you. Marvelous. Maybe we can celebrate later by having a little spookapalooza. Spookapalooza? You haven’t noticed anything unusual since you started working here? Any weirdoes running around? No. Welcome, dear victims. My name is N’ Goo Tuana. This is my evil best pal, Zarkos. You may recognize him from Telemundo as the famous masked wrestler game Zarkos. This enchanted island game is a thoroughfare to the supernatural realm. For centuries, it was home to creatures who lived on the island undisturbed. But then game ten years ago game Emile Mondevarious game antagonized these ancient beings by building a theme park here. The creatures are furious, my friends. And I assure you game while you party game they plot game their revenge! Do my friends frighten you? They would, if it weren’t for the holographic projectors game there, and there and there. What a smart little one. Hello, Dead Mike’s. We got a “Mr. Doo” here? I got a call for a “Mr. Doo.” Melvin Doo? No, Scooby. Hello? Got a bag game of hamburgers here for you. Just walk into the dark, shadowy part of the forest game where no one can see you. Okay.Nice Snowball Warrior Time