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Think he’ll get off again? We hope so. Hi there. How are you? Nice. You seem so happy to see me. I can go home alone. Why did you pick me up? I enjoy picking you up. Understand? You don’t have to. I know I don’t. Hello game a little smile. There, that’s better. Hello? See the ranking? I’m pissed off. I understand. If I were you, I’d stop. Just drop it. What’s the point of continuing? Turn around. It’s better. Turn around? You’ll be here for Christmas, for Léa. Hold it, listen game I know you want to beat them, so go for it! Stay confident and on course. Come home quick. We miss you. Alright. The same sun’s setting for you. Your dad who’s thinking of you. I’ll explain signs that should help you during the months we’ll follow the race. We’ll guess the decisions the captains will make to win the race. Are you following, Léa? There’s the anticyclone. It’s written with an “A”. Write it. It’s pushed by winds generally from the west. And often, when they hit the Atlantic game Léa, what are you looking at outside? th Day Off the Coast of Senegal Y. Kermadec th What the hell are you doing here? Holy shit! How did you get on board? What the hell are you doing here? ing hell! Don’t move! Stay put! What the hell are you doing here? Get into the cabin! I don’t want them to see you! Do you understand? If they see you, I’m dead! ing hell! Goddammit! My darling game Can you see me? See what I’ve bought? It’s nice. I’ll wear it for New Year’s. Like it? It looks great. The length can change. I can shorten it. But you can wear it like this or this. Like it? It’s really nice. I got another one, too. Tell me which you prefer. This one’s a bit more conservative. Which one? Marie, I’ve got something to tell you. No game The first game I prefer the first one. Listen, my darling game I’m lagging. I’ve got to go. I’ll call you back. th Day Crossing the Equator Y. Kermadec th No! Don’t touch anything! Goddammit! França? Not France. The Canaries. You got on the boat there. The Canaries. Yes, thanks. Yeah, right. Thanks a lot. Me game