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Yeah. You’ ne this to get through the camo wa. We ne your he p, Tobias. You don’t know what he’s capab e of. What about Tris? As ong as she stays in the Bureau, she’s safe. She’s too va uab e to him. I’ ne a head start. So when David asks, I want you to te him that I eft you behind. Okay? Why? Because then Tris wi know you’re ying. There was an accident. There was turbu ence. Not more than any other storm, but Radio ightning, maybe. We just went down. Where’s Four? I don’t know. I pass out. When I came to, everyone was dead. Four eft me behind. Okay, we search the sett ements, search the Fringe. Make sure he’s not there. Don’t worry, we’ find him. I promise. Four wou d never eave anyone behind at the crash site. Yeah. He to d me you wou d say that. Four’s trying to make his way back to Chicago. Peter. He o, David. I didn’t think that you knew my name. I know a of the important peop e from Chicago. Rea y? We , if I’m so important, then why did you give me such a terrib e job? We a have to make sacrifices. I don’t see you making any. Peter Radio I ne he p with something in Chicago. What’s in it for me? We , if you do we , you can have any job you want. Except mine. Do you know where Peter is? Um Radio He’s not in his pod? No. No, I don’t know where he is. Is-is there something that I can he p you with? Can you find Four? You can’t te anyone. Okay, of course. Anything you need, Beatrice. Come on, Four, where are you? Eve yn. We found him outside the wa. Take it off. Where’s my son? I don’t know. Edgar to d me what’s out there, so you better start ta king or we’ be ho ding your tria now. No, you won’t. Because I have something that you need. Rea y? And what’s that? The way to win your war. Hey. Hey. Any news? No. I’m sorry. Tris Radio Did you find him? Yes, I found Four. And there’s something e se you’re gonna wanna see, too. Okay, go. Over there! That’s him! We got him! Four. Don’t worry, he’s fine. Just keep watching. What is this p ace? You’re gonna ove it. What is it? Try it out. You’ see. Just don’t try it on anyone you ike.