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I ran and I ran as fast as I could. The baby the pillow, it was it was right there. Oh, God, I didn’t have to see. I knew. Oh, God, I knew! And when I found her, her hands were over her eyes. At first I thought she was crying but then I realized she was laughing. She was laughing! She said she could see everything now and she asked me where you were. She said she wanted to show you but I just I just wanted her to stop laughing! I just wanted her to stop laughing! No. No, no, no, no. That’s not what he said. This isn’t the same message. What the was that? ‘Cause if you’re with us, Maddy that’s not funny. Take it easy, Izzy. Listen, okay? He didn’t say this earlier when I listened to it, okay? What are you saying? Somebody changed the recording? How? I don’t know, but somebody recorded that. No, listen, the man I heard earlier was scared, Jake. Okay? Twenty years later, and he was still scared of this place. You guys have to believe me. I didn’t record this. I don’t even know how! What was that?