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Nice To Bounce Heaven Hands on your head! Oh, great. Look. I’m from the school. Here’s all the information you need about the people holding us. Be careful with it. We’re all fine so far. Nice outfit. I gotta run. You gotta wait for the boss. I gotta get back before somebody knows I’m gone! Kid, I’m sorry, but you’re not going anywhere until we check you out. You have a student named Tepper? Yes. Billy Tepper. I’ve been waiting for something from him. Just keep him there. What’s he done? There’s a helicopter on the pad outside. If he is one of your boys, go get him and bring him back here. Roosevelt, by using the radio, was able to speak to the American people This is coffee. If you are who you say you are, we cannot let you go back. They’d kill you. That’s my problem. I can make it. I’ve gotta go right now. Billy. You gotta get me out of here, sir. Are you all right? I’m fine. You know this kid? Of course. They’re gonna shoot five kids if I don’t go back. They’re gonna shoot you if you do go back. I can make it. You know I can’t lie to you. You gotta know I’m telling you the truth. I believe you. Let him go. I cannot accept that responsibility. Let him go. Get him! Stop the kid before he gets himself killed. Any second now. Where the hell is he? He’ll be here. He’ll be here. Oh, geez! He’s got a minute. Oh, shit! Please, God. Come on, come on, come on. Come on, come on. What do we do? We wait. Damn! It’s already too late, man. get back in line! I already counted you. It’s still . Count them again. Two helicopters are coming towards us. Okay. Open fire and prevent them from getting closer. One, two, three, four, five , , , , , . We got one boy missing. I told you what would happen if one of you escaped. Did you think I was kidding? You first. Let’s go. Face against the wall. Come on. You too. You! You! Get over there! And you. Run. Run. Oh, Jesus. I’m sorry. I was in the shower. I didn’t hear the bell ring. He’s wet. I’m sorry. So he is. Come with me. Come with me. I’m sorry. Okay, let’s go. Get back in line. It’s all over. Come on! Go!