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Scumbag! Look! Wait! , it’s the red van! Drive! Step on it! Shit! Shit! I’ll gun it through! Are you crazy, that’s a gate! Too bad! I swear it wasn’t me. I’m innocent. I never heard of Courquain Customs! You take us for idiots, ambulance man? Why are you driving like a maniac on back roads? I’m in a hurry. My family’s waiting in Brussels. At first sight, the car looks empty. I’m calling to check the plates but I have no signal. Grizzly. Grizzly! Why’s Grizzly sniffing his ass? Yeah, really, why’s the dog sniffing your ass? No, it’s normal. All dogs sniff asses. It’s a dog’s favorite activity; sniffing asses. No, dogs sniff dog’s asses, not men’s. And you’re no dog as far as I know. But I have a dog. He must smell my dog’s scent. Let’s go to the hospital for an x-ray. Why? To find out why your ass smells of dog. Easy. I say, you’re phenomenal! Look, Mathias. No wonder Grizzly got excited. He has balls of drugs up his derriere. Well, voila! It’s impossible. How’s that, ‘impossible’?! You didn’t realize? No, really. I dunno how drugs got up my ass. Somone planted it behind my back. Some guy came along, shoved balls up your bunghole, and you don’t know how? Yeah! Oh my God, my God! How is it possible? I dunno, I’m trying to figure that out. Think hard. Maybe the gentleman fell asleep, ass up. Yeah, or maybe game his wife is cuckholding him with an evil magician. Abracadabra! Ooh! What’s that? Guess. A rabbit? No drugs! Now, that’s magic! Great magic! When you woke up, you felt nothing? Oh, sure! It itches a bit. It itches? Well, it’s plastic! It itches, huh? All right, cut it out, it was me. Happy? It was me! What kind of sentence am I risking? In Belgium, that quantity. years in the can. Unless you give up the seller and the buyer. No thanks. Don’t wanna wind up in a canal. Fine. Let’s go to Narcotics Squad They’ll take care if you. What’ll they do? They’ll take out the drugs, weigh it and put it back in. Really? They might include a transmitter, a mic. A walkie-talkie. No. So they can keep track of you.Nice Water Bomb War