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What should I do with you, friend? [Ctuk the door] Sit still! Come in. Oleg Petrovich Radios I’ve been thinking about this cursed monkeys. Where should we look for her? Search for it no longer need! I’m her Radios Radios And threw zabort. Yes? Yes! According to your order. Well, you’re an iron man. I probably could not. What is this? And this is a broken mirror. Although it seemed as though I have a strange, Radios A strange expression on his face and if I had not shaved. So, Radios I came to talk about your, your report. Now when finally established, Radios That the hooligans on board the vessel at all and Marianne. So what? Do not apologize for me in front of her! And why not. It is very tries to be good. Sorry I’m not going! Never! It’s not pedagogically. I have my own principles. No woman from me, do not wait. Yes, if you want to know it is for me worse than a monkey. Sorry! Please. Beam insensitive! Uh-x-x Well, I will be revenged of this type! So, I repeat to you: to ensure that you have not found Radios The door should always be locked. Open it’ll be just me three knocks. One, two, three. At three, three. Now understand me? Well, watch again for me. Here run up, knock one, two, three. Run up open the valve! And get a piece of sugar. One, two, three Try! Done! Marishka Go to the pantry pepper needed. A mouse! Come on, come on! Hurry! Motia, whether friend go down to the pantry for the pepper. Go itself. Do not be afraid. Is not there Bat I took care of. No, there! I saw it myself. Motia dear, go. Actually, I mice also did not have very much respect. But for you I’m ready for anything. How do you go on the left shelf. That such a yellow bank. Switch on the left. Well! Ah-ah-ah! Oh! Ah-ah-ah! Oh-oh-oh! What is it? All right. Where did the mousetrap? This I installed them. Only I not on Motiu, and Mouse set. Oh, thank you, Motia. And for your courage, I’ll kiss you. I sent a radiogram Radios To you again reinstated in the position of captain. How do you look at it? I look at it very negatively.