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You know, I’m probably the only friend you’ve got. I’ve got lots of friends. You walk into a room, people jump under tables. I missed you, Christmas. I missed you, too, you demented bastard. You could’ve left the “demented” out. BOTH LAUGHING It’s a kind of a solid structure that is taking us from one place to another to unbelievable speeds. Think about it! If God game If God, if he would have liked us, you know, flying, he would have given us feathers. Do you have feathers? Do you have feathers? Do you have feathers? I don’t have feathers. Damn. This is gonna be a longass flight, fellas. It’s going to be. It’s going to be a long flight. But don’t worry. I’m here. Man, because I can’t sleep on planes. SATELLITE PHONE RINGING Yeah. DRUMMER: I thought you should know, Barney, you’re walking into a shitstorm. NSA ran a signals and frequency check on your team’s phones. This bastard’s not even trying to hide ’em. Where’s he taken ’em? They’re in Azmenistan. Another honeymoon hotspot. Who is that? Lee Christmas. Not far off, Christmas. Stonebanks’ compound is where he trains his goons. It’s very heavily fortified. What’s up with the local army? I don’t understand a word this guy is sayin’. Local army status. Small. Corrupt. Stonebanks’ has got all the brass in his pocket. Been running his operations through this shithole of a country for years. Want some advice? What’s the advice? What goddamn language is that? You know, to tell you the truth, I don’t understand you either. Look who’s talkin’. What’s the advice, Drummer? Forget about what you’re thinking. Remember our deal. We need him alive. So he can sit in a courtroom and beat this on a technicality? Those are orders, Barney. You broke the phone. I got another one. CHRISTMAS CHUCKLES Think we’ll make it back from this one? You didn’t have to come along, Christmas. Sure, I did. Morons need friends. Gentlemen, change of plans. CAR HONKING This is it? This is your evac team? Short notice. Yeah, very short. Where’s your team, Major Drummer? No team. This one’s off the books.