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Nobita’s adventure Steve! Susan will ask you to stay. But for reasons I cannot go into, I must insist you tell her that you have to leave at once. Merwyn! Get the car. Steve! Susan! You look great! I thought you’d never get here. It’s only been a month. Is that all? Father, this is Stephen Reinhart. I know. I must speak to you alone, Susan. I’ll take him to meet Mother. It’s forbidden for your mother to have visitors. Only for a minute. Mother’s been waiting to meet Steve. I had no idea you lived in a house so, uh Games sumptuous. This is my greatgrandfather, Elias Witley. He built this house over years ago. This next one? It’s my grandfather, Corbin Witley. Oh? What did he do? He went insane. We must get rid of him, Merwyn. He must not stay. Steve, you must understand about Mother. She’s not well. Mother? Come in and close the door. Mother, this is Stephen Reinhart. We have been expecting you. I’m, uh Games I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, Mrs Witley. It will pass. You are a welcome guest in this house, Mr Reinhart. Thank you. My husband will protest. But I shall speak to him. Susan? Yes? I would like to speak to Stephen alone. Yes, Mother. Please, sit down. I am glad that you have come at this time. Merwyn! Merwyn, are you all right? Yes, sir. I’m going to need your help. You can trust me, sir. About what, Mrs Witley? Come here. Closer. That box, Mr Reinhart, there. Open it. It’s an earring. Yes. It’s an earring. Take it out of the box. Examine it. Looks like gold. Yes. It’s gold. But its importance doesn’t lie in the metal it is made of. I’m afraid I don’t understand. Why should you? You probably think this whole house is obsessed with mystery. I tell you, that single earring you are holding is surrounded by mystery. It Games It belonged to my maid, Helga. She was a nice simple girl and completely devoted to me. Well, about a month ago, she went down with some terrible disease. I begged her to go to the doctor in Arkham. Did she go? No. No, I don’t think she did. Chains for devils! Whatever it was, she seemed to be overcome by Games