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And what’s in the bag? Who the hell knows. I do not know. Let Radios But where is the bag? And who knows? So he could not himself go! ” And? Yes, of course, could not! Ah-ah-ah! Oh-th-th-th! What you Marinochka, I have a tiger? What there tiger! I just saw this! This Radios Radios Round itself goes! Round? Aha! How you talk! [Growling tigers] One hundred and forty-seven to three. Oh, hell, you still eat him! “Super”. Try, that the brutal vitamin. Pah, pah. Phew. Disgusting! Uh-uh! Get out! Hey, listen, scat! Give it back! Be a man! Give it back! Aye, reptile-thief! There! Do not you! Yep! I gave you. I gave you. Thee I It seems, also gave. Oh, hell, all for one person! Share yourself! Uh, I’m! Oo-x, bastard! [Growling tigers] Tee-tee! Tee-tee! Tee-tee! [Growling tigers] Comrade Captain you have a fork? No. Give the fire shovel. Please. In-o-o-n there. The shield in the cells. Y cells? Yes. Thank you. Growling tigers] Ah, here it is! [Sings:] Na-ni-in on-ni-na-no Radios [Sings:] Na-ni-in on-ni-na-no Radios Cautiously. All right. Ale-op! Ale Hop! [Playing fun-rhythmic music] [Beeping monkey] [Beeping monkey] Mystery! Who is us the ship is rowdy, huh? ” I have some considerations. But Radios Are you someone particular suspect? I can not anyone to suspect but just Radios Radios L think is typical. Oh, you think that she is capable of? Nut. Washer yet. And I bolt! Come on, let me here. And we also nut. Well dinner! Barmaid! Get out! Oops! Well, well! Well! Devils striped apart! There you are! [Growling tigers] Oops! There! For what it is to me such pain all day pass you go! ” To you! Although what you have in the second, then? Sausage. Why do you say about it in the plural? Ah Comrades, eat borscht. Borsch today so tasty. Borsch today can not be eaten! It nuts, bolts Radios Radios And all sorts of hardware. Call cook! Hours. It is not a watch! What’s so funny? Comrades This is my nominal chronometer. Comrade Captain and if she does not blame. But then who? Who? Nothing, you do not understand! Shut.