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a little too literally. And then with this, I think, that you guys really got to a place where it gets to the emotional core and the themes, which is all I care about. Right. Well, and so what was important about the old ending? So, what we have here is, hopefully, the idea that Q gets there, he finds Margo. It’s not what he thought it was going to be and she’s surprised that he’s there. And all of that is true from the book, it’s just handled differently here. And then hopefully, in a weird way, through the time that they spend here, which, granted, is a little less than in the book, in a weird way, he becomes one of the only people to really understand Margo in a way that no one else back in Orlando does. And in doing so, the understanding is not, “Okay, well, now I understand you, so now we can be in love.” It’s that, “I see you for who you are and where you’re going.” And also the great moment that Nat hits here, and that’s something that we missed the first time we shot the ending, what it really is about is this realization of what he’s actually been missing out on, and all this time projecting onto Margo and seeing her as this miracle, that there have been these friends that he literally has just come from neglecting, that the whole time has neglected to some degree. And that he’s done them a disservice and himself a disservice in doing so, and that they actually, now that they understand each other they each have a different road to travel. Right, yeah. It’s that game I mean, they listen, they both listen to each other more here than they have at any point in the last years. And I think that’s the key. Like, that game And in a way, I mean, you could say that about the book as well. In other words, like, we do it differently, there are many different ways that it’s done but I think you game I mean, you can tell me if I’m wrong, but that feels like what the end of the book was meant to. Yeah, that’s what I wanted the end of the book to be, where he’s finally listening to her. He’s finally imagining her