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period. Why do you want this job anyway? You don’t even get a proper office. What do you call this? J.C. was a damn good mayor for years. I intend to honor that and keep his memory alive. I understand you wantin’ to honor him and all, but Game Oh, and you’d understand about losing a husband, would you? Oh. Florine, I’m sorry. Look, I think that you are the most capable person in this town, but lately, you’ve been pretendin’ to be all proper. But I can see, you need to get your game on again. I said no. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have important work to do. I have to call the paper and let them know the Little Miss Burning Bush Pageant Game has been postponed due to lice. Well, we’re practicing Thursday night if you change your mind. What are you lookin’ at, white boy? You know I am too old to play basketball. Beth? Hey, Roxie. Hey. I haven’t seen you in ages. What are you doin’ around here? I came here to ask you to be a part of somethin’ important. At least, it’s important to me. Look, I’m real flattered that you asked me, but my basketball days are over. Mmm. Mmm. Wow. This is good. That’s Mary Jane Mud Cake. Mmm. Come on, Roxie. You were on a championship team in high school. As soon as you get back on the court, it’s all gonna come back to you. You don’t get it, Beth. I didn’t have these babies back then. I think you look just fine. Well, thank you, but you’re full of shit. I do. And I know that Tito still thinks you’re beautiful. The only time Tito notices me Game is when I’m blockin’ the TV set when Jennifer Lopez is on. He’d rather see her big ass than mine. You want some more coffee? Oh, please. All right. So I assume you were a post and Florine a guard. Now, who was your other startin’ forward? It was Clemmy Baker. She’s Clementine Winks now. Coach Slaughter’s ex-wife? Oh, yeah. She’s a lot of people’s ex-wife. Clementine Winks, huh? I did not recognize her in the photo. Well, that’s because now she looks like miles of bad road. Bad karma, if you ask me.