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Yes, they are both alive. And they are not divorced? Yes, they are. When? They got divorced in ‘. Any brothers or sisters? A brother. Does he also live in Norway? Um, yes, he lives in Norway. And you’re not married? That’s right. This is your own apartment? Yes, it’s my own. You live here alone? I live here alone. But there are two beds Games There are two beds, yes. No one else lives here? No, but I still have two beds. Is it ok if I have? Yes, it’s just that it appears to be more people living here. What it is?These questions are strange. If I have two beds Games As if having two beds is wrong Games No, it’s good, one for each day Games It’s unusual though. Is it? The point of this is to have more people giving us their opinion of you- and it’s close at hand to think that someone else lives here that we can talk to. But that’s not the case? No, it isn’t. You come from your little bourgeois environment- and you think you can investigate ME? What do you know about life at all? You’re not qualified to sit here and discuss this- and how the hell are you gonna judge me by psychological standards? As I said, I’m just here to create the framework. The framework? I haven’t even gotten to the parts involving your mind- or anything else to make you upset. I’m not upset with you. I’m only upset with the conditions. You’re prerequisites Games Before you start asking for the conditions, you have to know what I do- and what prerequisites I need to do this. Don’t you think you should hold this outrage, until you see what this is about? What do you mean by outrage? Isn’t it a bit affected, talking about the bourgeoisie Games Affected? I asked what prerequisites you have to know anything at all? Now, you’re affected. Yes, am I not allowed to be? I am inside my own apartment. If I want to act affected, then I will. I seriously doubt your capacity, to know anything about me or anything at all. You have no business here. Get the out! Get out of here! Calm down! Go!You have no business here. This is my place. You have no God