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who’s , would come out and be like, “You’re being a faggot.” You know what I mean, like Games That’s how bad I am. That’s all I thought about. Like I said, I was an average student, so I used to skip school and see every romantic comedy, every romance movie. And there was a magic to it, ’cause I used to think that’s all that matters. Somebody is gonna walk in, time’s gonna stop and that’s it. That’s why I’m here, that’s it. I used to think like that. And now, as an adult, it’s different. I’m not saying I don’t believe in love, but it’s changed. I’ll see those movies, but I don’t believe in that magic anymore. ‘Cause it’s the same thing, my mind has shifted. Because it’s always the same movie. Some free spirit girl at the coffee shop, she brings her own wine from home, right? She has a book on travel, ’cause she’s gonna go to Europe, eventually. She has, like, a baby panda tied to her chair that nobody questions. Then there’s a conservative businessman who only cares about the promotion and he walks in and trips over the panda and falls into her and she’s like, “What the hell?” And he’s like, “I’m sorry.” And then they, like, lock eyes and have this connection. So they go on this free spirit adventure through San Francisco. And she’s saying to him, “You need to find your inner animal. You need to, like, roar Games ” Or some . So, later, they get in a fight and instead of doing a good job in the one meeting that he’s been training for his entire life, he decides that he is gonna it up. And he loosens his tie and he goes, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am a lion. And they’re like, “You’re fired ’cause you had a mental breakdown.” Right? Then he gets fired and he has to run to the train station to find her, ’cause she’s so distraught, she’s going to Europe now, even though trains don’t go to Europe. And he has to stop her and he has to give that big speech in every movie. “Listen to me. You were right, okay? Nothing else matters. And you’re right I needed to find my inner animal. I needed to roar and I did, ’cause I’m a lion