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Panda To help You had to screw my daughter? This makes no more sense than the last time. But if you really think I’d be capable of doing that, go ahead. Hit me. What are you waiting for? The guy’s crazy! Stop! Don’t be stupid! No! He’s crazy! I never said I wasn’t on that road. You admit it! Did you meet Arnaud? No, I told you. You didn’t have a date? Absolutely not, detective. I made him go out that night. Remember, Jean? We had a discussion that morning. You’re not dressed! Not coming to the fair? The Châteauneuf fair’s been the same for the last years. You don’t need me to photograph the kids you see every day. No, but I’d like you to come. Everyone would. Think so? I’m not as popular as you. You’re so at home with these people. I resent you for it. For loving the children? For liking it here? Of liking this hick town, losing all your ambition game Becoming like them. What’s gotten into you? Are you that unhappy here? What do you need? A change, to live somewhere else. Pay no attention, I’m just tired. Don’t miss the parade. Know what time it is? The fireworks start soon. I’m staying here. Why? I thought about what you said. Let’s not start making compromises. I know you’re dying to go. So go. Forget about what I said. All I care about is that you’re happy. Go up on the hill and take some nice pictures. And you? I’ll have a delightful time. The Bayreuth Festival’s on TV, I know how much it bores you. It’s pure selfishness. That’s why the Thomases saw me on the Chastenay road. I photographed the fireworks from the hill. Here’s the proof. It’s possible to take a few pictures, and engage in other activities in between. What I said means nothing? Not much. You’re his wife, you can’t testify under oath. Come in. Doucet game Do you still claim that Catherine Roussel stole that picture? Yes! The problem is she also has a picture of you in a swimsuit. You’re out of control. It can’t be! Isn’t this you? Yes. Josette game Tell us how Mr. Doucet gave you the picture. My dad gave me some meat for Mrs. Doucet. I came up, but Mrs. Doucet wasn’t here.