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Parking Car Come on. Good night, Daddy. Ohh What a big girl Say good night to what’shisname there. Good night, Sharky. Good night, Lisa. What, from over there? What are you afraid of? Come here. Come on She wants to kiss you Sharky, come over here We hug in this family. Good night, Lisa. Good night, Sharky. You were talking when you were kissing. Give me another kiss. Ha ha Would you believe that she came out of something like me? No. I think you better check the mailman. You oughta have one of those, Sharky. You know, they keep you sane. Like you. Sure, like me. I got a family, a house. A nice little workshop here. I make all the payments. And what do you do? You run around the street like a kid. I’m grown up now. What, I’m supposed to go and do that with you? Oh, no. Sheesh. Ohh. What do you want me to do? Just a shirt, that’s all I’m wearing Oh, she sounds terrific. She must look good. Did you see her? No, you didn’t see her. I bet she looks terrific. Ohh, God. My nipples are hard Oh. Hard nipples. Ohh. What color is the shirt? What the hell difference does it make what color Game Shh. God damn it. Green This is good stuff. Oh, God, she’s driving me crazy. I’m spreading it open Spreading what open? Would you touch yourself? Of course Where? Ohh. Oh, you dumb son of a bitch. Ohh. Oh, oh. You got anything else? I got it. That’s the wrong tape. Uh, Shark, this is it. Listen to the voice on this. Ok, yeah. I love that girl’s voice. Darling Sugar Wait a minute. Listen to the guy’s voice. I’m listening That’s the girl’s voice All right, here it comes. It’s gonna look great on that body of yours Anybody? Just arms, legs, tits This is boring . God, I love that body I don’t recognize that voice After the election, it’ll be a different world for us Hotchkins. Da dum Goddamn Hotchkins. ing candidate for governor Hotchkins. He’s got a wife and kids, and we got him by the jewels, huh? We got headlines. That’s all we got. Right. Another politician screwing around. They see that on television every afternoon. I mean, not that I watch that .