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Parking time What? I already bought it. You’re kidding me, aren’t you? Hmm? You’re kidding me, aren’t you? Cross my heart. Hope to die? Hope to die. Promise me you’re telling me the truth. Did you really buy it? I got minutes now. ½. Would I lie to you about a thing like this? Sweetheart, I’m gonna be the governor. Would the governor lie? I don’t know. You’re not being serious. These are beautiful. Did I buy you these? He has his head in her crotch. I ask you, should that man be the governor? Ha ha. That’s the human touch. Yeah. Ha ha. Don, be serious. Did you really buy me the house? I swear the house is yours. Oh. Oh. My house. It’s her phone. Hello. I’m kind of busy now. I’ll have to call back. I want him out of there now OK. Bye. Who the hell was that? That was the man. Sounds kinda foreign. It’s Italian. That’s what I said. Foreign. I’ll cover that phone call, so you have the voice on it. Jesus Christ. Don’t you ever go to bed, honey? Can’t see. Victor. No. I love the sound of that door. Hmm. Oui. J’adore le bruit de cette porte. The best gifts are those not asked for. You’re always invited. Never expected. You know what I leave on the other side of that door when I step in here? Did you get my call? The past. All of it. The future, too. All doubts, all questions and beliefs. Did you get my messages? I got all your messages even before you sent them. Victor Game we have to talk. Come on. He has a place for me. I have a place for you. This is a house, Victor. My own place. Does he still think you’re a dancer? I ama dancer. She is a dancer. Well, come, then Game dance with me. I want everything tonight Everything we’ve ever done And everything we’ve never done Come So, you have decided. Yes. This is a place to pass through on your way. People like us don’t stop, Dominoe. We have too much of the world in our eyes. We have seen it together, we’ve met the devil together, and we’ve been to heaven, haven’t we? No. And I am stopping. I don’t think you can For him? No. For me. It’s time for me. Say goodbye, Victor. Please. All right.