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Parrots Puzzle Tommy? Mmhmm. Is that your name, Tommy? No, it’s Ralph. I just put Tommy there to fool her. Was the school always there? Yeah. steps away, and I was always late. You know Game I come here every weekend, and those damn kids are out there playing. I can’t work when they’re there. I have to stop and watch it. I could watch kids playing all day long. You’re a strange guy, Sharky. Yeah. That’s what everybody says. Just find Sharky, huh? Tell him to come on in He’s so far over his head I hear you’re onto something big. Just read my report, OK, Friscoe? Read the papers tomorrow. Everybody down there is so goddamn cheap they won’t buy a goddamn paper. Are you gonna talk to me? No. You just wait a minute. You know something, right? Sharky was right all the time One man on top of the whole town and one fink inside the Department Joe, I don’t know where Sharky is You are an asshole. Get on a phone and find him. You want to help? Then tell him to come on in. Tell him it’s a goddamn fix. Tell him there’s no way that he can win. What’d you find out? Never mind what I found out. Joe, where are you going? I’m going to the D.A. Now. I’m gonna get Sharky that head he’s been hunting for I’ve got the son of a bitch. Aah. Stop that son of a bitch. Get back. Get back. Get back. People, back. Oh, Christ, Joe. He’s dead. What are you doing? Just working. A window seat. Yeah. Did you make it? Yeah. It’s very good. Thank you. What are you doing there? Uh Game just Game doodling. Doodling what? Doodling. Just doodling? Mmhmm. It’s a rose. Were you embarrassed to tell me you were making a rose? No. Yeah, you were. Yeah. You’re a strange guy, Sharky. I know. That’s what everybody says. At the far table. Thank you. Oh. Sergeant Sharky. Please sit down. No, thanks. I just came to look. What do you see? Nothing much. Care to have some food? It’s Chinese food without a trace of Western corruption. Pure. I’ve got you by the ass. Oh? All the way from selling little girls to murder. How does it feel? It feels great. It feels like you’re a lump of lyin