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I know it seems strange Game Excuse me, Anna, let me just round off here. OK, I’ll run a check and get back to you on Tuesday. OK, that sounds good. Thanks. Bye. Louise, can I just have a quick word? I don’t have time, Anna. I’m working. I understand if you think ifs strange me approaching you like this, but Game Yes, I think ifs pretty strange. Weird. I just find it odd that you don’t want to see me. If you’d invited me to the reunion Game I did! Really, I did! So why won’t you see me if I Game I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Ifs childish. What are we, back in the sandpit’? But Linda told me, when she and Sanna visited me that at the reunion people were asking, “Where’s Anna?” You said, “I talked to her but she said she was too busy with her last project. ” I never said that! I’m really sorry it feels wrong for me to Game It stresses me, meeting you like this. I’d rather sit and talk in peace and quiet. But isn’t it odd that people say you spoke to me? Yes, but I can’t help what other people say, can I? Do you want to know the truth of it? It was like this: Andreas and Linda arranged the reunion, not me. Then they asked me if I could help. So I helped. I helped by tracking down people and sending out invites. So I sent everyone invites. Daniel, Pia Game But I didn’t get one. But I can’t help that! You come here accusing me because Game Of course I invited everyone to a reunion! Everybody I’ve met so far, more than half of us says they saw you as a kind of leader. Although that doesn’t mean you saw yourself like that. People have very different memories of the roles we had at school. That’s what I’m interested in and why I want to meet you. You’re important precisely because others saw you as having high status. But the thing is Game Sure, but I already know what you think of me, Anna. What do you mean? It’s no secret that you despised me. Don’t give me that look. “Despised”? That’s not true. But you’d never even say hello to me! If I didn’t it was for one reason.