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I’m not even here. Nobody’s here. I thought Church was asshole. GALGO: BEATBOXING The only army in the world. Whoa. Guys, did I tell you about Pepito? Small name, big guy. I saw him lift a deuce and a half of a guy once. I love that tattoo, man. I like that kind of, black chicken that you have there. What is that called? A craw. The craw over the skull. I love to do something game ENGINE TURNS OFF GALGO: Yeah. Hysterical strength. Weird. Yes, sir. Weird concept. I mean, if you are hysterically strong, you don’t even have to go to the gym. You are just strong. You just got it. You just got it. But hysterical is a concept that actually was applied to women in the th century. It’s a decimononic concept. You know what I mean? Wow. This is an interesting place. He gave me a migraine. I hear that. GALGO: Don’t you think? A bit cold, too. DOC: Look on the bright side. You run out of bullets, he can talk ’em to death. Roger that. Tall one doesn’t like me. He doesn’t like anybody. Yeah. What’d you say? He likes you. BIRDS CHIRPING What the hell is that? What? That computer strapped to your wrist? Nothin’. It’s the same thing you were busting that kid’s balls about? No, I had it for a while now. SCOFFS BARNEY: Why’d your team let you go? Oh. Why does it matter now? I wanna know who I’m working with. Well, they aren’t around anymore. So, listen, um game So Why’d they let you go? They didn’t. SIGHS Benghazi. I was not in the army anymore and we were retrieving a hostage, something like game Like we are doing here, and, uh game CHUCKLES It was game CLEARS THROAT A beautiful day. No problems. And then it all went bad. We got hit. Cut off. Waited for support. No one came. And game Everybody died. Except me. Mingo, Torres, and Tiger, right? You were listening. Yeah, I was listening. Thank you. So what do you think? I think we should get this over with. BARNEY: Four signals. Eight stories up. This is way too wrong. Sally don’t like it. You know he’s got eyes on us now. May I suggest something? CHRISTMAS: No. BARNEY: No, later.