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Penguin food bazaar No, as a matter of fact, I don’t. Would you like to be my date, Miss Purcell? Would you call me Mary? And I’d be delighted. And let’s take my car, because it works. A glass of champagne, my dear? You do like champagne, don’t you? CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY You know, everything smells like formaldehyde to me lately. Oh. Don’t you like formaldehyde? What a pity. Well, you’re very young still. A toast. To my new handsome friend. You know, you look pretty swell in that dress. So thoughtful of Randy to drop it off. So, what would you like to do tonight? Movies? Dinner? Hmm? I’m really looking forward to this concert. And maybe afterwards… I might have a little surprise for you. CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY LAUGHS Wow, your date’s really trashed, isn’t she? Didn’t eat her fries or anything. I guess her eyes are a little larger than her stomach. She looks like a girl I used to know in high school. Weird. Did you know a girl named Linda Hollyhead? The worst thing happened. She was eating popcorn We’re visiting from Europe, and we have to be in Las Vegas in an hour. How much do I owe you? Four dollars for the hamburgers and cents for This ought to cover it. Keep the change. TIRES SQUEAL CRASH VALERIE I’m so nervous. Don’t you think that this should be over by now? Dickson’s a perfectionist. He’s using all his skills on Mouse. I should have never left Mouse unattended with all those fat women at diet seminars. Oh, that dog was a champ. Is everything all right? He’s doing fine. He’s doing great. Ohh. There’s just one question. We gotta figure out which one of these sounds most like his voice. Okay, are you listening? DOG BARKING VICIOUSLY All right. ELEPHANT TRUMPETING And the last one now. MONKEY SQUEALING, COW MOOING I love the last one, but I really think the first one sounds more like Mouse. Wait a minute. What about “Heehaw”? That was such a great concert. I’m a total Radio Werewolf freak now. What the are we doing here? Oh, I’ve got to check up on someone Something. It’s only gonna take a minute. Why don’t you come with me? It’s a little spooky here at night.