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Okay, I was smelling you. And? Nice. Very nice. How is it? What are they doing? Making up. Never again, I love you. I love my little buttercup. You’re my buttery buttercup. You’re so buttery! Are you kidding? You think she’s right? You kiss friends on the lips? Sometimes. You don’t? I dare them to try! Claudia, where the were you? Around game Let’s go, your brother just puked in the pool. Who’s that? No one. Have you changed? Claudia game The love of my life is Claudia. Are you drunk? I’ve never been drunk. But why is everything spinning? June. Positive thought: The party was crowded, the music cool and sangria great. Negative thought: the same one game Cesare. He’s been really edgy lately. Don’t you caution me, you little weasel! The worst thing is days, hours and minutes to exams. Who invented final exams? I want that bastard’s name! If I don’t get top grade, dad will kill himself. But will this grade ever make a difference in my life? PS game I met a nice guy. I can’t even remember his name. Too bad. I liked Raf better with “Self-Control”. Grandma, it was awful! With his fake English! What? “You take my self game ” Quick, listenable. And most of all, international. – Hello? Today is the first day of freedom. I couldn’t care less. Dado and I broke up. I swear on Tom Cruise I’ll never see him again. Then he makes that puppy-dog face game Tells you you’re special game I couldn’t care less. How was the party? Crowded. Tell her the best part. I met a guy. What’s he like? There’s something about him game Have you set a date? For what? The day you dump Cesare for good! I like him. Like you would a goldfish. You were and he was when you got together. Now you’re game and he’s . We’re here for something important, our final exams so game This one? Too frumpy. I’ll just go naked. Do you think I’ll pass? Of course! Tell me the truth. You’re the only one who got an A. It would be impossible. I flunked Maths. And Physics. I’ve got absences. You could’ve avoided that. What about this one? No, too working-class.