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Have you ever tried reading Dickinson at am? In a park with the lifting fog game “Had I not seen the sun, I could have borne the shade. But Light a newer Wilderness, my wilderness has made.” What a drag! Claudia game Can’t you knock? What for? Grandma was supposed to sew these. She’s in the kitchen. No, she’s not in her room either. She hasn’t gone out, has she? Did she take her medicine? How would I know? Okay, guys. Five-minute break. Hi, Claudia. So you joined. Don’t tell your dad, though. Or the cardiologist either? He’s such a pain. What about the physical? Well game Adele! You never told me you had such a pretty friend. Cut it out! Claudia, meet Ludovico. Hello, I know all about you. You’re about to graduate. You like the beach but not the mountains. And most of all, you like men over . Of course! But I have some bad news. My heart is already beating for another dancer! But I will dance with you. Come on. The most important thing about the exams are the photocopies. An authentic US army cartridge holder containing miniaturized essays, I repeat, ! Passing the written’s your only hope. Then even if you flunk the oral, Martinelli can’t do all. You’re not normal. But the stroke of genius is game This: an engraved sticker containing all the mathematical theorems and formulas in the world. You can’t even read it! Because I walked on it. Are you going to fly to the exam? You’re so anal. So what about this Claudia? Claudia is game Like a sunset on a sailboat. Like Tardelli’s goal against Germany. Like a general strike when you didn’t do your homework the night before. Ouch game We have to do something or the lovebird will ruin our whole summer. Let’s find this Claudia. Should I throw Simon out? Yes, do it. Loredana, can’t you see we’re having a meeting? Sorry. What do we know about her? She went to a Classics lyceum. She’s got a boyfriend. That doesn’t matter. Yes, it does. He’s a moron, and she deserves better. And you’re better? Yeah. If you didn’t lay her yesterday, you’ve got no chance now. Exactly.