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The Belgian goes in front, leans over, concentrates, and says, Yes, they work. No, they don’t! Yes, they work! No, they don’t! Yes game Do you know why Frenchmen like Belgian jokes? No. Because they laugh times. They laugh when you tell it, laugh when you explain it, and laugh, when they get it! Allez! Let’s split. We haven’t eaten. Let’s go! It reeks of Frogs. Hey, Vanuxem, your cap! I’m innocent. Innocent, innocent game I’m innocent. Not gonna check his papers? No, Vandevoorde will do it. He’ll let it pass, it’s Belgian. Bet you F he won’t. Kingdom of Belgium Customs. Paperwork. Where are you going? I’m transporting a serious case. He needs an emergency transplant. It means life or death to him. And that makes you smile? No. Yes. Oh, no. Yes. You’re smiling. That’s because I’m being cool, but I’m tense. Keep your hands on the wheel. Oh, ah, argh! Isn’t it usually the organs that get transported? No. It depends. Depends on what? Depends on the organ. You have French papers, for a vehicle registered in Belgium. I’m French but I work in Belgium. Eating the bread of the Belgians, hm? Can’t eat bread. I’m on a diet. OK game A joker. Ruben. Come, look. Don’t move. , I knew there’s no U in ‘amblance’. Get out of the vehicle. Gun it! Step on it! Get out of the vehicle! Freeze! Get out! Get out! Freeze! Freeze! Step on it! Go! game Wait, wait, wait! Vanuxem! Freeze! What good are you, if you can’t even stop your own drug traffickers, huh? Woah, watch your tone. This is French customs. You have no say, here. Customs?! It’s a sieve, leaking frogs! Enough. I don’t wanna get upset. Au contraire, Ducatel, GET USPSET! It’d be the first time a SLUG got upset! Don’t insult me! It’s not an insult. You ARE a slug, a tiny slug. Get out, or I’ll arrest you. Oh, yeah? Arrest me for what? You just crossed the border carrying drugs, no? You filthy FROG TURD! Excuse me, it went off by itself! VANDEVOORDE! Bravo Mathias, well done. He deserved it. I’m afraid it’ll make him even more of a jerk. Impossible, he’s at maximum. Come on. Perfect Red Car Rabbit