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enough details, you can convince anybody. Especially if I invent them. Wait a minute, that’s four dots. You said three dots. I just promoted you. You know, J. Edgar Hoover has seven. Fine man, J. Edgar Hoover. It’s a pleasure to work for him. Wave your foot around. Wait. Jim! That’s President Eisenhower. Hi, Sam. Hiya, Mike. Sam? He looks like Jack Benny. It is Jack Benny. Hey, Mr. Cosgrove. Yes? Go make up those two extras in Dressing Room B. Yes, sir. Jack Benny, huh? Mike, can I see you for a moment? See you later. Hi, Schultzie. Schultzie, I’ll need a few props for my program. First, I want an FBI revolver. FBI revolver. Then I want an FBI identification card, and it’s gotta look real, ’cause we’re gonna use it in a closeup. Put this actor’s picture on it. Over there. What time will it be ready? : tomorrow. : tomorrow? I need that FBI identification card tonight. Tonight? That’s impossible. What do you mean, impossible? You’ve always made cards for me while I waited. Sure, plain printed cards, but an FBI card. The picture’s gotta go to the photoengraver, also the fingerprints. Then the whole thing goes in a plastic mold and gets baked in an oven. The oven isn’t even heated. I’m not a magician. Mike, what are we gonna game Mike game Would you please connect me with Mr. Paley? Urgent. Mr. Paley! What are you calling him for? What’s the matter with you? You tell him you can’t make the card. Who said I can’t? I just said it’s a little late, that’s all. Hang up the phone. Wrong number, honey. Sam? Yeah? Start the plastic oven. Now? I quit in an hour! Sam, don’t give me a hard time. What time is it, Mike? You just asked me. Well, I’m asking you again. :. She’s minutes late. She wants to be sure you’re out of the apartment. Maybe you’re fast. I’m not fast. Mike, I’m gonna turn on the light and look at my watch. If she sees a light under the door, she won’t come in. It’s :. Mike, maybe she won’t believe the story. She’ll have to prove it’s a lie. We’ve got every detail covered. Well, how can we be sure she won’t pick