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And Wendell Scott Takes a shortcut to fourth position. See what you get for fourth place. Ain’t that something? Would’ve had first place, except for Beau Welles. Hell with Beau Welles. I got some plans for his ass. We’re on our way, woodrow. Free steak dinner. I know you’re hungry. I ain’t that hungry. I don’t like to eat standing up And I don’t like to eat in nobody’s kitchen. I got my own food. Take the car home. I’m enjoying myself tonight. Hey, you want to get your hands off that? Think you’re hot shit, don’t you? Yeah. What’d you get, fourth? What’d you get? I got a busted radiator, ass face. Peckerhead, I got two tickets To the colonial restaurant for dinner. They don’t serve no boogies there. They’re going to serve this boogie. Is that right? That’s right. If you plan on getting anything to eat, Better take me along. For what? I can handle my own trouble. Trouble? Shit, we’ll eat that first. What you going to pull? I’ll probably pull a .. . kind of light for that track. Try to run any hotter, you’ll blow an engine. Go right ahead, honey. Beau Welles blew hisself up In Charlotte three weeks ago. What are you going to pull? I was thinking about pulling a .. I’m sorry. You’ll have to come back some other time To fix the ice box. I’m not fixing no ice box. We’re here to eat. There must be some mistake. This the Colonial restaurant? Y-yes. You are from the race track. I’m sorry, but my husband is not here today. I mean that we just don’t ordinarily– I mean don’t ever serve colored. What about those steaks? It does say free steak dinner. It says two. Wendell, how do you like your steak? It would have to happen game Medium-well. When my husband’s not here. He’s likes his medium-well. I’d like mine well-done, please. I’ll get your dinners for you, But promise to eat very fast. Your waitress will be right here. You from around here? Danville. Danville. I been there. I’m a local boy myself. Born and raised. Spent a little time up in chicago. You in the service? No. I busted my leg. I couldn’t join. How did you bust your leg?