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who are these again? Meera, go! Meera, go! Meera.. Meera.. Meera.. Meera.. Meera.. Meera.. Meera.. Help.. Help.. Meera..I am coming. Oh no, he jumped dude Thank God Hey careful, hey Meera Hey leave me.. Did these come for Chandramukhi? Lover should have jumped and why did he jump? The boy has hero qualities sir.Whichever girl marries is lucky I do not know who is behind you,but from now I will be behind her. Do not take it easy thinking about…. Issue serious. Director sir Pulse to go smooth like the hands of a clock… Is it running fast like the Pulser on a road? What is he dude? I deal villains thrashing people in a single scene Censor people got frightened seeing the blood we used to show on screen Why did he hit so like a professional fighter? No idea what he does knowing you threw that drink bottle? Hey Praneeth I will set producer for your first direction Thank you sir Hey boySir I will talk and set even the artistes along with story, screen play and dialogues Thank you very much sir Not just bowing and orally saying thanks, say with Vodka I will just mix and come sir Go, your life is set Director sir Yes Will you set producer for him? Will you set story?My foot Why have you run away from home? Are they forcedly getting you married? What exactly is your problem? Look, I cannot do anything if you stay silent like this. Say what happened. Hey, it is ok I am sorry. Do not say if you do not want to. Chai, I got to say one thing My dad is got a mild stroke in these fights I cannot take Meera in this position and marry. Bro, let us stay in the house of your grandfather for some days and there will not be any issue. No way, I will not step in the house of my grandfather. Do not worry Siddarth, I have a close friend in Bangalore and we will go there. After your father recovers,I will get you married and leave for Europe. Take care about your dad Bye Meera Bye Lover is behaving very practical He is feeling emotional and taking it all over his head. Even these girls will not have clarity about whom to select, Director Sir They will be troubled later by not selecting the correct guy Give the water bottle you still have not forgotten Meera right? How can it be first love if it can be so easily forgotten? Ok, there is a meaning in risking for Meera you loved. But no idea who the girl is, but seeing the guys who cameI feel there is a big danger behind all this. Radhavara, as we feared, daughter is into love Who is that fellow? No idea Radhavara, but a strong guy He alone thrashed people Sadashivaraya! Radhavara, You till date have never lost Take fighters from Devanahalli. No way that they should escape Sorry boss, you had to face a big problem because of us. You had problems because of him Direction Story Sorry Come on kids, listen! Say hail India… Who is he, looking different? Why is he singing without taking order. Vandemataram Why is putting the bindi? Vandemataram Vandemataram Hello! What will you have Bapu? What are you saying? Oh, Telugu people? Hello..Hello. What will you take Bapu? What is there Bapu?