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Photo King 4 My wife always expects me to talk. I mean game She used to. What’s your name? Gena. Gena Rowlands. Isn’t that an actress? Indeed. What a sick girl. What an idiot. You take debit cards? Of course! Oh great! Vive la France. Do you know where I could get a room. And where I could pay with debit card. There’s Le Commerce, but with the festival game The festival? Didn’t you notice all those cars? We got our chamber music festival. Here? Yes, at the abbey. Alright. What if we all introduced ourselves? Marc, violin. Jacques, his brother. Alto. Segolene, violin. Piano, Cecile game In a trio. With Blandine and Bouba. Cello. Bouba, violin. Cecile too. Clarinet. Sometimes oboe, to help out. Maxim, or Max, Cello. And my wife, Clarinet. Noemi. I’m sorry. Noemi, clarinet. MarieChristine, piano. Violin. Piano. Violin. Piano. Violin. Piano. Pomme. Franck, alto. What are you working on right now? I’d rather surprise you. Come on. What century? th. Oh Really? Pomme! Pomme! Fuck! Pomme! I gotta tidy up. Are you OK? Are you hurt? Are you OK? Easy. Come on game Hello. Simone? Pomme? Are you Romain’s mom? You came back? Pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet you. Please come in. Ah, Dalia just came by. You know Dalia? No, but I game You know she exists. Yes that’s it. Are you OK? Are you feeling well? Yes, I’m fine. I didn’t have my keys. We only took one set and I game There’s no one in, so I came over. I play alone. Romain doesn’t like it. He makes fun of me. Sometimes it makes me feel bad. Do you wanna have something? You want me to make you a game Hot chocolate? A grog? We got it for free on the highway. A full tank plus . Euros. I’m trying to beat my own best score. points. That’s good. Well, we have to tell them. They don’t know yet? My battery died. It’s been a while. Romain wanted to go to the police. They would have never recognized me. Blowing it up must have cost a lot. I’m gonna have to refund him. Your husband paid. What day is it today? The th. No I mean what day of the week? Wednesday. Oh I’m sorry! No big deal game I memorized it all.