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Physics Cup Time and from what angle, to allow it to interact with other images. Mr. Ghislain Cloquet, cinematographer. In working on this film, as technicians we had the chance to see that his method, which consists of using just one lens for an entire film, and what’s more, one with a long focal length, a mm lens, which is very restrictive and imposes very precise limits This ground rule, like all rules that last, produced absolutely unexpected and marvelous results. It’s similar to the surprise he says can occur with actors. When you’ve worn them out, something magical happens. What’s striking about the use of the mm lens is that he actually doesn’t plan his staging. If he did, the camera with the mm lens would do its best to capture his framing. Instead, he stages the scene by looking through the mm lens, and that gives him the answer, because it’s his only option. Out of this comes an editing style, a style of storytelling, that’s very homogeneous and very fluid. For example, for the cameraman I wasn’t the cameraman on this film. One of my crew was but his work became extraordinarily constant and extremely consistent. To the degree that theater is an external and decorative art which is not at all an insult in my mind to that same degree, the aim, the goal of cinema I specifically say “cinema” and not “movies,” referring to the art of cinema, if it exists is about interiorization, intimacy, isolation. In other words, the innermost depths. Farewell, my poor, dear friend. Doomed to spend all your days watching the same fools go by. Farewell, old pal. And you, my friend. To me, cinema is game the art of having each thing in its place. In this it resembles all other arts. Like the anecdote about Johann Sebastian Bach playing for a student. The student gushes with admiration, but Bach says, “There’s nothing to admire. You just have to hit the note at the right time, and the organ does the rest.” The sound isn’t realistic in your films. You don’t use sound effects, but you exaggerate the sound. You lower the volume of dialogue and