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Pig Love 4 was bored there. Mission? What mission? We’re not supposed to ask each other’s mission. But why sent you? I’m here already. You don’t get it? They don’t trust you. You could’ve turned coat after years in the South. Watch your tongue! It felt like years to me! You can’t imagine how much I got excited since I first heard from my father that he formed Unit. Everyone lives only once. Then you should fight hard to become a legend. I’ll build the history and return as a legend. You stay here carrying out the mission of playing a fool. Hello. You are here. I’ll leave it here. Yes. Thank you. He’s moving! I’ve done nothing but waiting! And he got the mission right away! How are you? I’ll witness myself what history he builds. What are you doing here? This is my district. I see game way to go! Way to go! Hey, Donggu. You got chubby overnight? Hey! Shit, those little ones! The Party orders me to be disguised as a rocker. But I need to p the audition. Your mission is much better than mine. Mine is playing a fool! Thought ping an audition is a piece of cake. But ers in the South surely can sing and play! You can do it! Forgot who we are? The Republic’s warriors who can do anything! Right! I will practice until my fingers bleed. Will show real people’s rock to buggers in the South! Comrade SUH Sanggu game Dear loving mother game Mother game Donggu! It’s me, wake up. I’ll kill you if you don’t come now. Donggu, wake up! What? You fool! Move quick when I call you. Go look for my brother. Brother? He went out to pee and didn’t come back. Good! Why is it good? Such a fool! Good that he can’t throw me a rock any more. He never left me alone since our dad died. What should I do if he leaves me like dad. Find him for me, Donggu! I’ll give you half. No, you can take it all. Why coming to my house? I told you he’s not here, idiot! Toilet is scary. Less than minutes ped. Juvenile diabetes. Should reduce the sweets. No trace of struggle. Work of a professional. Woong! Where are you? When did you get up there? I can see better here. Look