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Oh, yeah. We come to get it. Ok, boys. Help load out. Now, don’t worry, Wendell. It’s going to be all right. I’m telling you game It’s foolproof. Come on. Wendell, come on! Come on, Wendell. Hurry up. Here, here, here. Move it fast, wendell. Ok. Come on. Hurry up. Come on, Wendell. Damn. Thanks. Police! Foolproof, huh? Ain’t nobody perfect. Stay with it. Well, Wendell game Beats taxicab driving any old day. Here. Come on. Let’s go home. Come on, Wendell. Let’s go. No! Don’t run! They’re going to catch us. Just let me think. Scoot over this way. What? Put your head down. Shit! I thought we had some moonshiners. Did you see her jump? Maybe we better check his driver’s license. Go ahead. Get us some coon tang. You mean poon tang. No, I mean coon tang. Good evening, officer. Boy, how old’s that girl? Uh, she , sir. Girl, don’t you let that boy knock you up. You know how you folks are. Did you get a look at that face? Mm-hmm. I’ve seen ugly women, but that’s ugly. I’d rather be with my wife. Don’t be foolish, boy. This ain’t a picnic. Let’s go. What does he know about ugly? Wendell? Yeah, baby. Honey, I’ve been so worried. Where have you been? Making money. Doing what? Moonshining. Hauling liquor? Me and Peewee. I made $ tonight. Are you crazy? Honey, you could get shot Or get thrown in jail. Peewee’s done it for four years. I damn well can do it for . You’re letting that fool Lead you around by your nose? Wait a minute. I said wait a minute, damn it! I tried every way I know to make money legal. I’ll make more in one night Than in two weeks driving that damn cab! People want liquor. I’ll drive it for them. But you don’t know what you’re doing. What you mean I don’t know what I’m doing? I don’t know nothing else but I know how to drive! You’re leaving them in the dust. I won’t kill you! Stay there! Oh, lord! Ooh! Oh, shit! Hey! Aah! Wendell, they went into the water! Ha ha! Wendell, you’re a driving fool, man! I’ll be damned. why do you treat me game Hot damn! That’s wendell! Whee-hoo! Lester, we’re going to need some help.