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Pig Trouble Time I’m feeling sick, just laying on bed right now lLay on bed? Can people do laundry today? Yes, of courselAlright Hello This is a nice bowling place. Really nice I think I’ve got this/ Wait a minute. You can continue on What is it?lWhy is it so hot today? degrees/yes Anything else?lWhen there’ll be rain? In a few days, the weather will get better/ ok/Don’t call me anymore This guy, really.. Honey, don’t you want to look around the place?lWhat? I know game sorry. How’s it, dear? Is it not good?lIt’s delicious Is there any dessert?lTo fuel the passionate love, chocolate cake No. Give us green tea cookies Green tealSo boring I want green tea cookies Let’s bet on who’d pay the bills Let’s do it Think about it first Rock, Scissor, Paper! Do you already know you’d win? He can only drops paper. Sometimes I pretend to lose to him. I’d win over him on important times At time like this, I envy him. You even know this little detail You two are so close He still hasn’t get in car.lHe’s not a little boy anymore Wait up.. What happened, that you even drinks? What do you think of this? How’s my situation right now? From now on, let’s not be like this to each other. You always talks politely, I feel uncomfortable Is it? I feel more comfortable this way It makes me unable to get closer to you, and he’s always get in between us I think you even want him with us This isn’t good for us, and you’re not that kind of person So, what kind of person am I? The number you’re calling is inactive, please leave a message after the tone.. Am I really not a man? What do you think, should I get angry or not? You can understand, can’t you? I have to get upset, right? For years, I’m behind her this is crazy You just have to stand in front of her Yes, I also feel, I’m the one who matches her most It’s like the unknown importance of air. My presence is like the air for her It doesn’t mean that men must have physical contact to be known It’s impossible to touch her heart everyday I have to let her know immediately What’s this? It’s inactive game