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with Budhan for company in your old age. I’m serious game just be aware game its better that you leave game really And there’s Water now game Fine now I am also leaving game There’s Water See I told you he’ll repair it this water pump company has shut down, change the pump please Thank you game Thank you Mr.Choudhary thank you so much game thank you Now you can leave game better to take breaks game Ya I’ll see where I get by the evening game ok game I’ll leave game You could’ve stayed for a day or two more game Why? Not needed, he has his business there game his family game no no you must go game and once you get there game inform me game Do you know what the real issue is game Mr. Banerjee game What? No one understands you game You’re right game can I suggest something? Yes tell me Will you listen game Yes yes tell me game stop hiding salt game hey game Mister game hey game wait wait wait game In straight and simple words game stop being so difficult game alright? Do you meditate game ? game Piku sister game all well game greetings! game With this kind of a family game at least someone should stay calm game balanced game you must begin game you’ll stay relaxed I am relaxed game Is it? game I’ll call you game By the way my family is totally game you thought you’ll play this game and we’ll sell off the house game ? No no elder brother game that builder said.otherwise later game Later means when? Later even if all these people have died game I’ll be still alive game to take care about this house Ok game Why will you take care of our house game ? Later when game ? Aunty game Champa Kunj will not be sold. And if uncle has no objection then lets find a tenant game ok game thank you game Now you leave game ok? game What nonsense game waste of time game Ok Piku game Bye game bye Hey wait game is this your cycle? Yes Ya Syed, I don’t know when I’ll come game How did he even go? game and why did you not wake me up game ? But you know him Piku game Why didn’t you lock the cycle game ? He’d taken the keys last night game