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Pirates Of The Caribbean World 2 I said, “We’re here. ” Right hand by Pacquiao drives Morales back. Another right. He’s been so good with the right hand tonight. Great victory for Pacquiao. Happy Birthday to you Extremely effective against Jorge Solis. Knocked out ofthe fight by Pacquiao. The winner by knockout victory, the fighting pride of the Philippines, Manny game Pacman game Pacquiao! There were large chunks of money, that HBO is paying us a licensing fee for a fight. In some instances, less than half went to Manny Pacquiao. Murad Muhammad and his promotional company M & M had entered into this secret agreement with Pacquiao’s managers. At the time, the Nazarios. He was funneling money to a company. Money that rightfully should’ve gone to Manny Pacquiao, to the manager, so you stop right there, and you say, “Why is the promoter ever sharing money with the manager?” Especially without the fighter knowing about it. This is the Ali Act. “Firewall between promoters and managers. “It is unlawful for a promoter to have a direct or indirect financial interest in the management of a boxer. ” So, he tried to claim that the Nazarios weren’t really Manny Pacquiao’s manager. That they were somehow his copromoter, which would’ve made it okay for him to share money with them. There’s no central agency regulating this. What other sport do you have where a guy every second of every round is risking his life, literally. Putting it all on the line and why shouldn’t he get every cent that he’s owed? A promoter’s job is to make as much money as the promoter can for himself. A promoter wants to make money. That’s why they’re in business. But it’s the fighter’s job, to have the proper business representatives to negotiate with the promoter. Certainly Bob Arum has done a wonderful job of building Manny Pacquiao as a commercial attraction. But, no promoter is Mother Teresa. Golden Boy certainly isn’t Mother Teresa. Don King isn’t, Lou DiBella isn’t, Bob Arum isn’t. That comes with the territory. I was spoiled when I started promoting. Because I started with Muhammad Ali.