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Plucky’s Snowball Bash 22 Your wife is so understanding and caring. Right. So game Beautiful. She has been so supportive with the babies and helpful. Please, it’s the least I can do to make amends for my bad behavior. Okay. Okay, baby. I’m gonna find Dr. Mike and tell him that you’re talking. I’ll see you soon. Okay, good. Yeah, go get the doctor ’cause I’m I’m feeling a little what is going on here? What’s up? So, II’m off the hook? There’s no more whitewhale business or any of that? Mmhmm. No more. You’re off the hook. Really? Did you know that when men are in a coma game They can still get an erection? It’s true, Dale. Coma boners. “Coma boner”? What? Lots game And lots game Of coma boners. Think about it. Oh, shit. All right, well, I better go. I’m booking a spa day for me and Stacy. Hmm. I’m gonna your wife, Dale. No, no. No. Uh, no, you’re not. Hang on. Yes, I am. Hang on. No! Hey! There she is. Boys. You look fantastic. Mmhmm. You know, been sending you a lot of unanswered texts. That’s not how you catch them, am I right? I think she said she’s gonna my wife. “Gonna “? I thought she already did. Oh, boy, yeah. That horse may have left the barn. I figured those guys have been bumping tacos for the last few days. Shit. Super touchyfeely lately. I can’t process this. This is too much. Anyway, so, like, what’s even going on? What happened? Did we get in trouble with the police, or game W we did, yeah. Yeah. A lot. We got arrested for a long list of felonies. Mmhmm. But because you took a bullet for the detective, d.A. Got rid of a lot of the biggies. Pretty sweet. All right, so I’m guessing we saved the business. Nope. We did not. No. We did not. The bank foreclosed a couple days ago. Going once, going twice, sold! D.H. Commercial trust. But there’s good news, too. The guy who bought the company is keeping us on to run it. And then, in the wholesale department. If we bring that down to $, you’ve got lupe! Oh! Hola, lupe! Hola, hola. Mmhmm. Uh game Skymall? Sí! Skymall. Great! That’s great news.