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Pou Real Haircuts Tİme I saw him the other day. But as soon as I sat down, he left. Just like that. What’s next? Nothing official. Nothing official. Who’s the one for me? Just chill out. Maybe he’s a drug dealer. You gotta be careful. Shit game Who knows? Know what? You know his name and he’s single. He looks nice though. Scissors. Just looking at scissors makes me think of being apart. Why did you stab me? You’re annoying! Confusion is like putting sunblock on at night. Mary, that’s sunblock, not medicine. Oh. Concrete above, not sky. I wanna be sad with a sky backdrop. My heart has brought me this far. What the are you doing? This is no time for Wong Karwai. And you don’t even smoke! Give it here. Great things can be achieved alone. Hey game If we’re going to look for Gift in the jungle, we gotta go alone. We’re already over budget. We still gotta go. Yearbook’s gotta have everyone. Damn. So busy buzzy. Hi Jane, we’re lost, please show us the way. Find her tonight? Okay. What’s Gift doing out here? Thank you Jane, I think we’ve found her. You’re difficult. Gift. Why’d she leave her clothes. Weird. Yeah, weird. Weird, weird, and more weird. Goodbye world. Hey game Come look at this. Back and forth, that’s all. I don’t think Gift’s coming back. Maybe she found nirvana. Don’t be silly. Thinking of you. Haven’t seen M. Recently. Really? Yo, be careful. Hey. What? : is the best time to pray. Who said? Someone said. Someone who? Shit, now it’s :. Uncertainty abounds. Do you think there’s an algorithm to predict the future? That would be too predictable So I should make the first move? You wanna wait for him to make the move? I’d look like a slut. Are you? Everything takes time. Wanna spend time with you. Fail (not fall) in love. He didn’t come. I’m a failed slut. I suck. Calm down drama queen. You might need ten slutty days to succeed. What do I do the next nine days? I don’t know. I’m not a slut. Thanks. The shakes. What’s wrong? The shakes again? I don’t want you to go study overseas. I don’t want to miss you. Missing you. That’s how I feel.