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Powerpuff Girls Adventure 4 There was no orange. Never mind. Are you coming? How do we tell him we can’t pay him this month? We don’t. We tell him nothing. We’ll have to pay him somehow. Can’t you see I’m on the phone? You took a beach towel. It was kept with the normal towels. Yeah game You don’t love me anymore, do you? What does it have to do with that? That’s it. Wrong answer. Because you put a beach towel among the bath towels, that means I don’t love you anymore? You’re making it worse. What’s the right answer? Yes? Definitely not. Like I love you? Kinda. OK. I love you. OK. Me too. Champagne then. Sure. We got none left. I would have been surprised if we did. No I swear I thought we had some. But I drank it with Mellie the other day. Miss Weather girl? Stop that she’s a journalist. Local weather for the moment. I didn’t know that you still see her. She came over Tuesday afternoon. She was in the area. Her son is in a private school, nearby. He’s got psychomotor problems. Oh shit that’s dumb. You’re dumb. You drink champagne with miss Weather girl in the afternoon? We hadn’t seen each other in a long while. We hadn’t seen each other in a long while too. I knew it. We still have this. Half bottle from the neighbor for New Year’s. That’s just Cremant. No that’s real champagne. It’s brut, honey. Freezer. Super Frost. Oh shit! Cheers. Cheers. Watch out for the glass pieces. I can see one of your breasts. Yes. I know. You called me honey earlier. And? I can still call you honey, can’t I? I don’t know. For real, I don’t know. What? No, it’s nothing. It’s nothing. You always picnic in the car? He carries the bag during the hike and you eat here? Not always. Here it is! I found it. It’s not the one. Not the one? What’s the probability game Of hunting for a tiny lost earring, finding it and it’s not the one? Greater than that of me with different earrings. This is yours. Certainly not Let me see. It’s yours, Pomme. I gotta thank you. What for? I gave them to you. No game In Carcassonne, or years ago. You lie. We never went to Carcassonne. Of course